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JOE Scott Walker As old Joe sat a dyin' The baby down the hall was cryin' Somebody had a party goin' on The fat boy you told tales to Moved away the other day To think with no goodbye He could have gone A postcard from Sun City Was found layin' by your side A kind of desert place Where old folks dry away You gazed out through the window At the wonders of the sky As if it were the first time every day Chorus: There ain't no-one left alive to call me Joe You used to say No-one left alive To call me Joe. You've been beyond the boundaries Understood it all And thought of nothing The ultimate was simple to your eyes Just watch the world make madness As the youth cried their replies An old man knows far better than to try. They say towards the end You hardly left your shabby room Where once you loved to go *Walkin' Thru' the day Sit back and watch a spider Weave your window 'Cross the moon And meals on wheels Laughed kindly When you'd say There ain't no-one left alive to call me Joe To call me Joe No-one left alive to call me Joe.


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