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JOEY THE CLOWN (Reeves / Meyers) Jack Payne & His BBC Dance Orchestra (vocals: Jack Payne & Billy Scott-Coomber) When Joey did his clowning The soul of pantomime In dear old days that belong to The land of once upon a time The world has sadly altered The crowds have long been gone And dear old Joey that made us all laugh On dear old Joey the clown (Spoken) Heigh ho, do you remember the days of Joey the clown Do you remember the way he sprang up and down When with his foolish little antics he made his own father frown. Our tiny little hands applauded each time the dear old harlequinade was acted Do you remember when we were just tiny folks What childish laughter greeted the happy clowns foolish jokes In our hearts he held first place that dear old Joey with his whitened face Do you remember the days of dear old Joey the clown (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - November 2004)


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