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JOHN BARLEYCORN (Traditional English Drinking Song) John Barleycorn is a hero bold as any in the land, For ages good his fame has stood and shall for ever stand. The whole wide world respect in him, no matter friend or foe, And where they be that makes so free he's sure to lay them low. To see him in his pride of youth his robes are rich and green, His head is speared with manly beard fit nigh to serve the queen, And when the reaping time comes round and John is stricken down, We'll use his blood for Englands good and Englishmen's renown. The lord in courtly castle, the squire in stately hall. The great of name, of birth and fame, on John for succour call. He bids the troubled heart rejoice, brings warmth to natures cold, Makes weak men strong, and old men young, and all men brave and bold. Then shout for great John Barleycorn, more heed his luscious vine. I have no mind much charm to find in potent draught of wine. Give me my native nut brown ale, all other drinks I scorn. For English cheer is English beer, our own John Barleycorn.


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