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JOHNNY REB (Written by Merle Kilgore) Johnny Horton CHORUS: You fought all the way Johnny Reb, Johnny Reb You fought all the way, Johnny Reb Saw you a-marchin' with Robert E. Lee You held your head high tryin' to win the victory You fought for your folks, but you didn't die in vain Even tho' you lost they speak highly of your name, 'cause (REPEAT CHORUS) I heard your teeth chatter from the cold outside Saw the bullets open up the wounds in your side I saw the young boys as they began to fall You had tears in your eyes 'cause you couldn't help at all, but (REPEAT CHORUS) I saw Gen'ral Lee raise a sabre in his hand Heard the cannons roar as you made your last stand You marched in the battle of the Grey and the Red When the cannon smoke cleared, took days to count the dead, 'cause (REPEAT CHORUS) When Honest Abe heard the news about your fall The folks thought he'd call a great vict'ry ball But he asked the band to play the song Dixie For you, Johnny Reb, and all that you believe You fought all the way Johnny Reb, Johnny Reb Yeah, you fought all the way, Johnny Reb (REPEAT CHORUS)


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