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JONES POLKA (Mickey Katz / Spike Jones) Spike Jones & His City Slickers (vocal: Mickey Katz) - 1946 Gesundheit! Nosdrovia! A Saluté! Skol! Lochaim! Prosit! Give-it me a cocktail When I am blue and droopy And then I'll dance a Polka And make-it lots of whoopee I work-it in a coal mine Things are pretty black But tonight the drinks on me I cash-it my paycheck Ev'rybody have a drink Let's have fun together I got plenty money So catch-it double header Bartender please take care my friends Drinks for ladies and gents I got all kinds money Thirty-two dollars and forty-five cents Have-it anything you like Even rum and Coke-it Just give glass plain whiskey Rum and Coke it make me choke-it Fill up your glass with vishnik We gonna have a great big picnic Ev'rythink she's in the pink Ev'rybody have a drink Ev'rybody have a drink Don't nobody start trouble Some smart Alec like a fight I give it trouble double I am peaceful citizen Don't like too drunk or make it When I go too fast I pull the emergency brake-it Dat's the way I like it Lotsa Polkas, lotsa drinking Pretty soon you don't watch out Ev'rybody's stinking Bartender, why you holler Oh, I owe you sixteen dollar Turn on the water in the sink. Ev'rybody have a drink (Instrumental to finish with gargles and other voice noises) (Transcribed by Bill Huntley & Mel Priddle - October 2005)


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