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JUDGE, WHAT ABOUT ME? (Buddy Starcher) Buddy Starcher - 1966 (Judge, what about me?) The courtroom was crowded, the Judge took his seat It was all over now, the case was complete A man and a woman had sued for divorce And a man-made law would now take it's course A rap of the gavel and then the Judge spoke "This isn't as easy as the vows you broke But I must do my duty and respect my oath The divorce is granted, good luck to you both" And then down the narrow isle a little boy came He walked very slowly because he was lame He looked at the Judge so reproachfully And these words said, "Judge, what about me?" So bravely he stood there without any fear But fighting real hard to hold back the tears Just a lone little boy, the victim of course Of two stubborn people seeking divorce And then a stern ol' Judge leaned over to see Who had said in plain words, "Judge, what about me?" And when the crowd noticed this youngster so small You could have heard a pin drop clear out in the hall "Speak up, my little man," I heard the Judge say "Oh, please sir," said the boy, "don't send me away I love my Mommy and I love Daddy too But I must have them both, just one will not do" And then the Judge said, "How stupid of me I was thinking of two, but really there's three So I sentence you two as husband and wife To be father and mother the rest of your life" Then they came down the isle, walking hand in hand Sayin' thanks to the Judge for taking his stand And a little lame boy just barely past three Will never again ask, "Judge, what about me?" (Judge, what about me?) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2010)


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