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JUST A LITTLE DRINK Byron Gay 1925 as rec by Billy Murray Lewis James Elliott Shaw & Wilfred Glenn w Paul Whiteman & his Orch May 6th 1925 Camden NJ Way out on the desert, My mouth is full of cotton; Gee, but I feel thirsty, I wish I had a drink! How about a drink? I wish I had a drink, Just a little drink or two! (Why stop at two?) Can't we have a drink? Just a little drink, Any little drink will do! (I'm with you!) If I had a drink, Just a little drink, Then I wouldn't feel so blue! (Oh, how dry I am!) Don't you really think We ought to have a drink? Just a little drink with you! For it's always fair weather When good fellows get together, With a trein on the table, ha! And a good song ringing clear. (Contributed by Peter Akers - January 2010)


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