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JUST A'WEARYIN' FOR YOU (Frank Stanton / Carrie Jacobs-Bond) Recorded by : Bert Ambrose & His Orch.; William Bolcom; Johnny Hartman; Hank Jones; Paul Robeson; Si Zentner. Just a’wearyin for you All the time a’feelin blue Wishin for you, wonderin when You’ll be coming home again Restless don’t know what to do Just a’wearyin for you Morning comes, the birds awake Seem to sing so for your sake But there’s sadness in the notes That come trillin from their throats Seem to feel a sadness too Just a’wearyin for you Evening comes I miss you more When the dark gloom’s round the door Seems just like you ought to be Here to open it for me Latch goes tinkling, thrills me through Sets me wearyin’ for you Just a’wearyin dear for you


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