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JUST FOR TO-NIGHT (George L. Cobb, 1914) Oh Honey I'm so sad and blue, I cry and sigh the long night through; I can't eat, I can't sleep, Since you have been away And there's so much to say. I wonder if I'm right or wrong, I've thought about you all day long, Kissed your picture and it made me long for you, Honey, just for tonight. I wonder if you'll ever know Just how I've cried and missed you so; Want you here, want you near, Say you'll come back to me, Oh, honey can't you see, I want your love and nothing more, Just love me as you did before, Let me hear you say you'll never leave me, dear, Honey, just for tonight. Just for tonight, I want you only, Just for tonight, I long for you; Why did you leave me, Why did you grieve me, Can't you believe me, My heart is true. I can't forget the things you told me, I miss your smile, and kisses too; So Honey, hear my plea, Oh listen to my plea, I want the love you took away brought back to me Just for tonight, Just for tonight.


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