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JUST LIKE JACK, JUST LIKE JILL (Decuna / Peers) as recorded by Syd Seymour & his Band (vocal - Syd Seymour) June 1934 Why, you know it's evenin' time And the stars, they're softly peepin', I wend my way Just to meet the girlfriend of mine. I see her waiting there By that old rusty stile, I gaze at her with admiration, She gives me a little smile. Then we stroll to that old water mill, Just like Jack, aha, and just like Jill. and the moon doesn't mind what we do, he don't care, Why, he's so thrilled through and through! The nightingale is singin', Listen, he's singin' his own evenin' song, And everything seems happy as we walk along. Then we stroll round that old water mill, aha, Just like Jack and just like Jill. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2015)


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