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JUST TO BELONG TO YOU As sung by Betty Clooney (early 1950s) Rereleased [Sisters] 2006 Once I dreamt of summers up in by Newport by the sea Winters in Havana, mingling with society But now I'd live in Coney Island, happy as can be Just to belong to you. Used to spend my money like there was no income tax Had a charge account at Hattie Carnegie and Saks But now I'd shop at Macy's and I'd walk around in slacks Just to belong to you. Rich or poor, with you I'm sure I'd have everything With each kiss, I find the bliss That only love can bring. I don't want a honeymoon in Paris or in Rome Just to hold you in my arms, who needs St. Peter's dome I'd settle for Niagara Falls, even stay at home Just to belong to you. Ran around exclusively with barons and with earls All we used to talk about was horses, cars and pearls But I gave back the bluebloods to the continental girls Just to belong to you. Rich or poor, with you I'm sure I'd have everything With each kiss, I find the bliss That only love can bring. Once I said that marriage ties would make my life a wreck Ran away from wedding bells to walk on freedom's deck But now I'd put old matrimony's noose around my neck Just to belong to you. Notes: Betty Clooney was younger by 3 years than her famous sister, Rosemary Clooney. Their brother Nick was the father of actor George Clooney. Both girls were born in Kentucky USA, and started their careers singing together. After a few years of travelling, Betty decided to return home to do local jobs in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rosemary went on to stardom singing for Columbia Records. Betty eventually had her own radio shows and started appearing on TV. She made a number of recordings and finally in the 1950s, decided to give up show life and raise a family. Her recordings aren't as numerous as her renowned sister. She will always live historically in the shadow of Rosemary but none the less, in her own rite, she was a sterling songstress. One of the girls most popular hits as a duo was SISTERS from 1954. Interestingly, although this creatively clever song appeared in Irving Berlin's White Christmas, Betty did not appear in the movie as Rosemary's sister, nor was her voice dubbed in. The original 78/45 rpm recordings with both the Clooney girls was cut with Paul Weston and His Orchestra in 1954. From a handful of Betty's recordings, CHRISTMAS AND YOU is available in this ILP database. (Transcribed by David Story July 2014)


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