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JUST TRY TO PICTURE ME BACK HOME IN TENNESSEE (Words by W.M. Jerome / Music by Walter Donaldson, 1915) I'm so happy, oh, so happy, don't you envy me? I leave today at three for sunny Tennessee dad and mother, sis' and brother, waiting for me there and at the table, next to Mable, there's an extra chair. At the station my relations all will be on hand with a hometown band, the best band in the land Hezekiah and Maria they'll hand me alaugh, and my old dad will be so glad, he'll kill the fatted calf. Back home in Tennesse just try to picture me right on my mother's knee, she thinks the world of me, all I can think of tonight is a field of snowy white; banjos ringing, darkies singing, all this world seems bright. The roses round the door make me love mother more I'll see my sweetheart Flo and friends I used to know. Why, they'll be right there to meet me. Just imagine how they'll greet me when I get back, when I get back to my home in Tennessee


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