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KEEP IT UNDER YOUR HAT (Sammy Fain (m) / Paul Francis Webster (l) ) As sung by Allyn Ann McLerie 1953 < Calamity Jane > (from the original film soundtrack) Well now, if you've got a cutie who's a real sweet patootie Better keep it under your hat. Just remember curiosity in fables of old Killed the curious cat. Supposin' you love a laddie who's a sweet sugar daddy Better take in the welcoming mat. Remember there's a dozen dolls for every Dan You're not the only sweet pea in the can. So, if you wanna know the way to keep your man Keep it under your hat Keep it under your hat. (dancing bridge) If you wanna know the way to keep your man Keep it under your hat Keep it under your hat... Keep it under your hat. NOTES: This song formed part of the soundtrack for the 1953 Warner Bros film < Calamity Jane >. Several stage, screen and TV renditions of < Calamity Jane > have been made over the years, based on this colourful American woman from the old wild West. Calamity, who distinguished herself by scouting and fighting Native American Indians, also claimed to have know Wild Bill Hickok personally. Not only that, she always maintained that she was married to him and produced a child from the union. On her death, she was buried beside him. Perhaps the most notable of all these adaptations to date is in fact the 1953 film. This film was created by Warner Bros. in response to the success of < Annie Get Your Gun > (1950). Director: David Butler Leads: Doris Day / Howard Keel / Allyn Ann McLerie / Philip Carey Allyn Ann McLerie was a talented singer, dancer, and TV actress hailing from Quebec, Canada. She appeared in a number of well known films such as < Desert Song >, < They Shoot Horses, Don't They > and TV productions such as < Bonanza >, < Love Boat > and < Dynasty > as well as many others. (Transcribed by David Story - February 2014)


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