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KEEP IT WARM (Howard Kaylan / Mark Volman) The Turtles Write another song for the money Something they can sing, not so funny Money in the bank to keep us warm Stick another grape in the juicer Or fill your guts with grease and get get looser You are what you eat , so eat it warm Roll another joint for the Gipper Get the Gipper high, he gets hipper Stick it in his mouth and keep him warm Elect another jerk to the White House Gracie Slick is losing her door mouse Take her off the streets and keep her warm Fight another war if they make you Squeal on a friend or they'll take you The future's in your lap, so keep it warm... Warm, here in your arms Safe from all harm, where I belong Warm, cozy and calm, another Dawn together warm.... My woodie's broken down by the beach now And TM's gotten far out of reach now Tell the Mahareesh to keep it warm George is suing Paul, suing Ringo and immigration wants John and Yoko All they need is love, to keep them warm Kill another whale with your power Or shoot a bunch a kids from a tower Snipe them in there cars Blood keeps them warm Or Make a better world from the old one Make yourself a baby and hold one Hold her in your arms and keep her warm, Keep her warm, Keep her warm, Keep her warm...........


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