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KEEP OFF THE GRASS Johnson as recorded by Stonewall Jackson I started out smokin' marijuana When I was only seventeen years old. I really like the kick that it gave me, It wasn't habit-formin', I was told! I could buy a cheap thrill for a quarter, The pusher even gave me credit, then Sometimes he'd give me five for a dollar, I really thought that pusher was my friend! My body soon grew tired of marijuana, So I moved on up to a stronger kick. I still didn't think that it would hurt me, Too dumb to know I was a drug addict! I was on all kind of narcotics, That pusher really had me on his hook. To get money to support my habit, I did use every trick in the book! One night, while I was at a party, Tryin' to get my kicks on LSD, I watched my best friend jump out the window, While sayin', "I'm a bird, come fly with me!" The next day, when I came to my senses, They had me locked up in the county jail. My body was still beggin' for narcotics, I started screamin' and wreckin' my cell! They transferred me on to the state hospital; On the front lawn, a big sign that we passed, From my window I can read this message, A constant warnin' to keep off the grass! With God's help I know I'll break this habit, My mind and body will be free at last. I'm getting lots of help from the landscape, And that big sign that says keep off the grass, Yes that big sign that says keep off the grass, Oh that big sign that says keep off the grass! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - April 2019)


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