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KEEP ROCKIN' (John Kay) Steppenwolf Last night! Got no sleep at all Kept on thinkin' 'Bout your letter Yeah! Yeah! Don't you know it was So good! Just to know that our song Made you feel a little better Yes it Did! Had you singing along (Sing) That's why this song (Sing) Is just for you (Just for you) For all the times (Ohhh!) You stode and cheered (Ohhh!) When we past thru And you were yellin'! Keep Rockin'! Until the early mornin' Keep Rollin' Until the break of day Keep Playin' Like there's no Tomorrow Keep sayin' What you got to say! Keep bring' it all back home boys Keep singin' Don't you ever stop! Keep rollin' Until we say it's over Keep Rockin' Until you drop! Sometimes I get down and Blue Ahh, The road goes on forever Ya Know it does It's got me crazy again Somehow nothing's going right And I wonder will it ever Get any better When I'm starting to feel As tho a song was never heard (Never Heard) I see you there (Sing) Singin' along with every word And you were singin' Keep Rockin'! For all the words to keep me goin' For the time you shook my hand And when you seem to understand! Got nothin' here that I can give you Got nothin' left to save your soul! Got nothin' more! Just Rock 'n' Roll! Keep Rockin' Keep Rockin' 'Till You're Bound to Drop Keep Rockin' Don't you Ever, ever Stop


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