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KICK OUT THE JAMS (MC5) MC5 - 1969 I'm gonna kick 'em out! Well I feel pretty good and I guess that I could Get crazy now baby And we all got in tune when the dressing room Got hazy now baby I know how you want it child Hot sweet and tight The girls can't stand it when you're doin' it right Let me up on the stands And let me kick out the jams! Kick out the jams I have to kick 'em out! Yes I'm starting to sweat, you know my shirt's all wet What a feeling And the sound that abounds and resounds and rebounds Off the ceiling You gotta have it baby you can't do without And when you get the feeling you got to sound it out Put that mic in my hands And let me kick out the jams! Kick out the jams I got to kick 'em out! [solo] So you got to get it up, you know you can't get enough Miss MacKenzie Well it gets in your brain and drives you insane It's a frenzy The wailing guitars, girl And the crash of the drums Make you wanna keep a-rockin 'til Morning comes Let me


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