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KILLARNEY, MY HOME OV'R THE SEA (Frederic Knight Logan, 1911) There's a place in Old Ireland that's dear to my heart, 'Tis the scene of my childhood so fair; From its hills and it's valleys, 'twas sadness to part, From the Lakes of Killarney, With beauty so rare. Tho' a stranger, alone o'er this wide world I stray, And thy lakes and thy mountains no longer I see. Still the bloom of that valley in mem'ry shall stay, For Erin, Mavourneen, my heart beats for thee. Sure there ne'er was a land where the grass grew so green, Nor a place where the sky was more fair; With the rocks and the rills one harmonious scene, By the Lakes of Killarney, With beauty so rare. I remember the colleens and lads who were there, As they danced in the glen on a bright summer's night, To the pipers glad tune as it rang on the air, Oh to think of that scene, fills my heart with delight. And I long for dear Ireland, Green Isle of the West, Where the shamrock and flow'rs bloom'd for me. There the Angels of Peace fold their bright wings and rest By the Lakes of Killarney, my home o'er the sea.


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