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KILLER JOE (Bert Russel (Bert Berns) / Bob Elgin / Phil Medley) The Rocky Fellers - 1963 Also recorded by : The Kingsmen; The Rivieras. Oh, whoa, oh, no Oh, whoa, oh, yeah Look at Killer Joe go (ah-ah-ah) Dancing with Marie (oh-oh-no) He don't act like he knows (oh-oh-yeah) She belongs to me Look at how they Wobble (ah-ah-ah) He's the best in town (he's the best in town) I think I'm in trouble (oh-oh-yeah) She forgets that I'm around Yeah, ay-ee-ay-eh (brief instrumental) Oh, I'm so jealous (brief instrumental) Hey, help me, fellas (brief instrumental) Go on and tell her she should only dance with me-ee-ee (jungle bird sound) ooh Look at Killer Joe go (ah-ah-ah) Holding her so tight (oh-oh-no) Putting on the big show (oh-oh-yeah) With Marie tonight Someone better tell him (ah-ah-ah) She is mine alone (she is mine alone) Just because he dance good (oh-oh-yeah) That don't mean he take her home Yeah, ay ee ay, yeah (brief instrumental) Oh, I'm so jealous, yeah, yeah, yeah, hey, help me fellas Yeah, yeah, yeah, go on and tell her She should only dance with me (jungle bird sound) ooh Look at Killer Joe go (ah-ah-ah) Stealing my Marie (stealing my Marie) Someone better tell her (ah-ah-ah) She belongs to me Yeah, ay ee ay, yeah (wop, wop Killer Joe) Come back, Marie (no-no-no-no) Come back, Marie (no-no-no-no) Come back, Marie (no-no-no-no) Come back, Marie FADE (Contributed by Carlene - May 2005)


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