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KNOCK-KNEED NAPUA FROM KAILUA (Prince Kawohi / Steve Graham) Prince Kawohi - 1955 They call her knock-kneed Napua from Kailua She's the talk of Lanikai When she does the hula over in Kailua You can hear them cheer in Molokai She dances on the sands And her hula hands just seem to say Hold on to your kane and don't let him go Or I might steal him away So one day knock-kneed Napua from Kailua Took a trip to Waikiki Television beckoned, "This is it," she reckoned, "Here's my chance to dance on TV" She shook and rolled her eyes Then they realized their big mistake She ami'd here and she ami'd there Ev'ry camera quivered and quaked So they said "knock-kneed Napua from Kailua Go back to dear old Lanikai Then you can do your hula over in Kailua" Underneath the blue Hawaiian sky Underneath the blue Hawaiian sky


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