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LA COMPLAINTE DE MACKIE (Mack The Knife) (Paroles: Berthold Brecht, Fr: Boris Vian / Musique: Kurt Weill, 1956) Catherine Sauvage Boris Vian Autres interprètes: Florelle, Mouloudji, Colette Renard, Pia Colombo, Georges Ulmer. Les dents longues, redoutables Le requin tue sans merci Le surin au fond d'la poche Sans reproche, c'est Mackie Sur les bords de la Tamise Le sang coule dans la nuit On périt les poches vides Poches pleines, quelqu'un fuit Gens de bien ou hommes riches Disparaissent au grand jour Sur leurs traces, quelqu'un passe Qui ramène le butin Jenny Trowler agonise Un couteau entre les seins Sur les rives dans l'eau grise M'sieur Mackie s'en lave les mains Et la veuve d'âge tendre Que l'on viole dans son lit Que l'on vole sans attendre Le gentleman, c'est Mackie Le feu gronde dans la ville Le feu brille, la mort vient On s'étonne, on questionne Oui mais Mackie ne sait rien Le sang coule des mâchoires Au repas du grand requin Mains gantées et nappe blanche M'sieur Mackie croque son prochain... (Contributed by Jean-Marie Del Fabbro) ***** MACK THE KNIFE Written in 1928 as "Moritat" or "Theme From the Threepenny Opera" aka "The Beggar's Opera" and introduced in that production by Weill's wife, Lotte Lenya (Original words : Berthold Brecht / Music : Kurt Weill / English words added by Marc Blitzstein) Bobby Darin Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear And it shows them pearly white Just a jackknife has old MacHeath, babe And he keeps it, ah, out of sight Ya know when that shark bites with his teeth, babe Scarlet billows start to spread Fancy gloves, oh, wears old MacHeath, babe So there’s never, never a trace of red Now on the sidewalk, huh, huh, whoo sunny morning, un huh Lies a body just oozin' life, eek And someone’s sneakin' ‘round the corner Could that someone be Mack the Knife? There's a tugboat, huh, huh, down by the river dontcha know Where a cement bag’s just a'drooppin' on down Oh, that cement is just, it's there for the weight, dear Five'll get ya ten old Macky’s back in town Now d'ja hear ‘bout Louie Miller? He disappeared, babe After drawin' out all his hard-earned cash And now MacHeath spends just like a sailor Could it be our boy's done somethin' rash? Now Jenny Diver, ho, ho, yeah, Sukey Tawdry Ooh, Miss Lotte Lenya and old Lucy Brown Oh, the line forms on the right, babe Now that Macky’s back in town I said Jenny Diver, whoa, Sukey Tawdry Look out to Miss Lotte Lenya and old Lucy Brown Yes, that line forms on the right, babe Now that Macky’s back in town Look out, old Macky's back!!


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