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LADY FROM 29 PALMS (Allie Wrubel) Recorded by : The Andrews Sisters; Elena Bennett; Vic Damone; Doris Day; Jimmy Durante; Tennessee Ernie Ford; Freddy Martin & His Orch.; Tony Pastor; Frank Sinatra. She left twenty-nine broken hearts Broken in twenty-nine parts Now there are twenty-nine fellas complainin' to their moms About the lady from 29 Palms She got twenty-nine Cadillacs Twenty-nine sables from Sach's They came from twenty-nine fellas who never had their arms Around the lady from 29 Palms She's a yip-yip-yippy-eyed dolly A new kinda gal of the west And yip-yip-yippy by-golly Whatever she does, she does her best She rides twenty-nine trails to bliss Knows twenty-nine ways how to kiss She is a gal that you dream of, you'd love to have your arms Around the lady from 29 Palms


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