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LAMAS FAYRE Chris Difford We caught the ferry from Stranraer to Larne over the great waves out under the stars to sleep in a cabin and look for the shore at six in the morning when I was a boy mother would lead me and take me in her hand combing my parting while back on dry land we caught the showers that fell on the beech, sunshine we dreamt of was so out of reach on Irish mountains the coaches would climb weąd write out postcards as the drivers unwind and mother was drinking with her friends at the bar and Iąd run them around but I wouldnąt go far We caught the Ocean that flew on the wind we sat together and we let the day in she prayed in her silence for all who she knew this beautiful landscape was all for my view and mother would take me to see Lamas Fair gypsies would see me and theyąd play with my hair, I heard my fortune told so simply there The rain was falling on the heather and gorse I had my ice cream with the chocolate sauce father was frowning a bag on his back the happier he got the more that he drank fiddles were playing in the opposite bar I had my crisps and lemonade in the car down to the causeway where giants once roamed, id chase the crabs just before they got stoned my father my mother my brothers and me so young and simple in my memory


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