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LANCASHIRE TOREADOR, THE (Harry Gifford / Fred E Cliffe / George Formby) as recorded by George Formby March 21st 1937 I've been to Spain, But never again, I couldn't go there twice, 'Cause my name's John Willie But they said it sounded silly, And they wouldn't call me that at any price. They soon made me change my name, And a real proper Spaniard I became! Don Pedro, The great bullfighting hero, The Lancashire Toreador. They cheer me, And when the bull gets near me, To show how far a brave man can go, With the bull I danced the tango. Then, when I hung on his tail my pants he tried to gore; I went dashin' round the ring with him givin' chase, Three times he tossed me in the air, I looked a disgrace. They shouted, "Look at all that skin and bone round the place, It's The Lancashire Toreador!" Don Pedro, The great bullfightin' hero, The Lancashire Toreador. I met a Charmin' senoretta, She said, "To love you I can never!", Then kissed me goodbye for ever. That night, as she retired, she locked her bedroom door. She started to undress and timidly she looked round, Said, "Thank God I am rid of him, for he's homeward bound!", But when she pulled the bedclothes down now guess what she found, Why, The Lancashire Toreador! Don Pedro, The great bullfighting hero, The Lancashire Toreador. I scare 'em, No mercy ever spare 'em. In the dead of night I ramble, Spanish castle walls I scramble; I saw a shadow above a girl in her boudoir. I climbed up her balcony, it started to sway, She shouted, "Murder! There's a bandit, spare my life pray!" But when my castanets I rattled she shouted, "Hooray! It's The Lancashire Toreador!" (Transcribed by Peter Akers - March 2017)


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