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LAST DAY IN THE MINES (Jimmy Key Dave Dudley - 1963 For as long as I can remember, I've worked down in this pit But today it's all over, for this is the day I quit I'm gonna take my sweet little Jenny and make her my own We're gonna move down in the valley and build ourselves a home This is my last day in the mines Well I swing that pick, move that shovel and time goes so slow I can hardly wait for my boss to tell me that it's time to go Up at the top I know my Jenny is waiting patiently In just a few minutes I'll be there with her and from the mines be free This is my last day in the mines But wait a minute, what's that rumble way back in the ground Good Lord, it's a cave in and the rocks are a-fallin' all around Now the timbers are breakin' and the rats are runnin' and I can hardly see Inside my chest there's a mighty burnin' and my strength is leaving me This is my last day in the mines Beneath these rocks and timbers, with my strength all gone My thoughts turn to Jenny, I must leave her all alone I know they'll try to save me, but they gonna be too late For over that river, through that valley, I see Heaven's gates This is my last day in the mines Oh, this is my last day in the mines This is my last day in the mines (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - Sept 2010)


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