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LAST NIGHT'S GARDENIAS From the RKO-Radio Production „Dreaming Out Loud" – 1940 (Words and Music by: Sam Coslow) Performed by: Robert Wilcox Also performed by: Sammy Kaye & His Orch. (vocal: Tommy Ryan) - 1940 Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orch. (vocal: Kenny Sargent) - 1940 Bing Crosby - 1940 Shirley Deane – 1940 Last night's gardenias have wilted and lost their bloom. But somehow their faint perfume Is lingering in my room. For last night's gardenias are lonely and so am I. Tonight I can hear them sigh They echo your last goodbye Their lovely fragrance follows me ev'rywhere I close my eyes and suddenly you are there darling Last night's gardenias will never be tossed away. I'll keep them in my bouquet of dreams.


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