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LAST NIGHT THE NIGHTINGALE WOKE ME (Halfdan Kjerulf (m) Christian Winther (l) ) as recorded by Maxine Sullivan with John Kirby & his Orchestra December 18th 1940 New York also recorded by - Gladys Swarthout '44 Burl Ives Last night the nightingale woke me, Last night when all was still; It sang in the golden moonlight >From out the woodland hill. I opened my window so gently, I looked on the morning dew, And oh, the bird, my darling, was singing, Singing sweet songs of you. I think of you in the daytime, I dream of you by night; I wake and wish you were here, dear, And tears are blinding my sight. I hear low whispers in the pine trees, A-floating through and through, And oh the wind, my darling, is sighing, Oh sighing for you, for you. The stream, the night, the woods a-flowing, The stars above the blue, All heaven itself, my darling, is dreaming, Dreaming and praying for you. Just dreaming of you, sweetheart! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2013)


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