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LAST OF THE SILVER SCREEN COWBOYS, THE (Milton Brown / Snuff Garrett / Steve Dorff) Rex Allen Jr. (with Roy Rogers & Rex Allen) - 1982 The last of the silver screen cowboys The last of a fast dyin' breed Cattle a-grazin', six-guns a-blazin' God knows this is what America still needs The last of the silver screen cowboys Standin' tall for what he believes is right Don't push him around 'cause more than one villain's found That he don't back down from a fight Roy and Trigger we loved you And Hoppy we saved up our dimes For the Saturday double features And we sat through both movies two times Gene, Lash and Rex were our heroes We knew good would win in the end If we could just turn back the pages And ride those old trails once again REX ALLEN: The last of the silver screen cowboys We settled the score with our fists How we loved little babies, treated women like ladies But it was only our horse that we kissed ROY ROGERS: Then the time slipped away fore we knew it And you little wranglers put up your play guns and your toys But mem'ries don't die and we're still ridin' high ALL: We're the last of the silver screen cowboys (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2020)


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