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LAVENDER COWBOY (Harold Hersey / Arr. Paddy Roberts) Paddy Roberts - 1959 Yippee-i, yippee-oh Yippee-i, yippee-oh, yippee-ay Which sounds rather silly, but ev'ry hillbilly Spends half his life singing that way He was just a lavender cowboy With only three hairs on his chest And he rode on a filly called Daffydowndilly The prettiest horse in the West Ev'ry morning they went out together While the others looked on in dismay 'Cause he'd round up the cattle a-ridin' side-saddle Because he preferred it that way He was just a lavender cowboy Who committed a terrible sin He went out on a bender and slugged a bartender And stole all the strawberry gin So the posse was sent out to find him And bring him back dead or alive And they knew as they went they were hot on the scent By the smell of Chanel No.5 And they found him a-lyin' unconcious With blood running all down his chin Till they looked a bit closer and what do you know, sir They found it was strawberry gin So, they shot the lavender cowboy And said as they layed him to rest You'll be happier now, boy, you can't be a cowboy With only three hairs on your chest (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2006) (Contributed by EUROPEAN OLDIES LYRICS - April 2006) ***** LAVENDER COWBOY (Harold Hersey - 1923) Al St. John (feat. in the film "Oklahoma Cyclone") - 1930 Vernon Dalhart - 1938 Bob Skyles & His Skyrockets - 1939 Johnny Boyle - 1949 Burl Ives - 1950 Alan Arkin - 1954 Katie Lee - 1957 Ed McCurdy - 1958 Cisco Houston - 1960 Peter LaFarge - 1964 Alfred Crosby - 1967 Kendall Morse - 1976 He was only a lavender cowboy The hairs on his chest were two But he wished to follow the heroes And fight like the he-men do But he was inwardly troubled By a dream that gave him no rest That he'd go with his heroes in action With only two hairs on his chest First he tried many a hair tonic 'Twas rubbed in on him each night But still when he looked in the mirror Those two hairs were ever in sight But with a spirit undaunted He wandered out to fight Just like an old-time knight errant To win combat for the right He battled for Red Nellie's honour And cleaned out a hold-up's nest He died with his six guns a-smokin' With only two hairs on his chest *****


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