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LAVENDER HILL (Ray Davies) The Kinks - 1967 I want to walk eternally In through the land of make believe And watch the clouds roll over me And let the sun shine down on me The only place that I wanna be Lavender Hill for me Wish I could live on sugar and milk Then I could live on Lavender Hill Then I could raise my head to the sky And let the sun saturate me with love I wanna walk you up Lavender Hill Everybody loves Lavender Hill Even the bird that sits in the tree Seems to sing sweet melodies Even the breeze is whispering Lavender Hill for me (Instrumental Break) While people eat their biscuits with tea They dream of daffodils that sway in the breeze And every Sunday afternoon Tidy ladies shine their shoes And every little lady dreams Lavender memories Lavender Hill for me Lavender Hill for me I wanna walk you up Lavender Hill I wanna walk you up Lavender Hill (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2013)


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