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LAZY AFTERNOON John Latouche - lyrics. Jerome Moross - music Kaye Ballard, Tony Bennett, June Christy, Marlene Dietrich, Barbra Streisand, Regina Bell, Susannah Young, Morgana King It's a lazy afternoon And the beetle bugs are zoomin' And the tulip trees are bloomin' And there's not another human in view But us two. It's a lazy afternoon And the farmer leaves his reapin' In the meadow cows are sleepin' And the speckled trout stop leapin' up stream As we dream. A fat pink cloud hangs over the hill Unfoldin' like a rose If you hold my hand and sit real still You can hear the grass as it grows. It's a hazy afternoon And I know a place that's quiet, 'cept for daisies running riot And there's no one passing by it to see Come spend this lazy afternoon with me >From the musical The Golden Apple 1954. The Kaye Ballard original version has an extra verse, not usually sung. (Contributed by M Makepeace - November 2010)


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