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LEARNING THE ALPHABET A - is for the apple hanging on our trees, B - is for the boats that sail upon our seas, C - is for the colours in the rainbow across the sky, D - is for the dove, who flies gracefully by, E - is for the egg a hen lays for you each day, F - is for flowers, in the breeze they gently sway, G - is for the goldfish,that swim in our garden pool H - is for the hat that on our heads we put on, I - is for the insects that crawl around our flower beds, J - is for the jam that we spread upon our bread, K - is for the kite which flies high in the breeze, L - is for the lock into which we put our keys, M - is for the monkey, swinging from tree to tree, N - is for the nuts he cracks and eats them for his tea, O - is for the owl who keeps us awake at night, P - is for the pram where baby's sleeping tight, Q - is for the queen, sitting stately on her throne, R - is for the ring you hear from your telephone, S - is for the sweets that you buy at the store, T - is for the tram you were on the week before, U - is for the umbrella you use when it rains, V - is for the violin that you love to hear being played, W - is for the wisdom showed by King Solomon in days of old, X - is for the xylophone that gives such a beautiful tone, Y - is for the yacht that sails around the lake, Z - is for the zodiac from which our horoscopes we make.


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