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LEAVE IT THAT WAY From the film "Children Of Pleasure" (1930) (Music: Fred Fisher / Lyrics: Andy Rice) Lawrence Gray (Film Soundtrack) - 1930, The High Hatters (vocal: Frank Luther) - 1930 Jack Denny & His Orch. - 1930 Ben Selvin & His Orch. - 1930 Casa Loma Orch. - 1930 I'm confronted with a very, very serious problem Concerning a song of the heart I've a hunch that you're the only one can solve this problem You're so wonderfully smart If I said, "I love you" Would you say, "That won't do" Or would you say, "That is okay Leave it that way" If I rhymed cottage small With the words kiss and bliss Then would you say, "That is okay Leave it that way" If I use an old line like "Wedding in June" Would you agree to help me with the tune For the punch, s'pose I add Baby's smile, Mom an' Dad Would I be wrong or would you say "Leave it that way" (Transcribed by Paolo Petrozziello - August 2013)


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