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LEEZIE LINDSAY (Robert Burns) (Additional lyrics from "Donald of the Isles" and by R. Andropolis, 1998) Will ye gang tae the Hielands, Leezie Lindsay? Will ye gang tae the Hielands wi' me? Will ye gang tae the Hielands, Leezie Lindsay, fair maid, My bride and my darling tae be?" "To gang to the Hielands wi' you, sir. I dinna ken how that may be; For I ken nae the land that ye live in, by troth, Nor ken I the lad I'm gaun wi'." "O, Leezie, lass, ye maun ken little, If sae be ye dinna ken me; For my name is Laird Ronald MacDonald, pledge I, A chieftain o' high degree." Then up bespak' Leezie's best woman, A bonnie young lassie was she "Had I but a mark in my pocket, as ye, It's Donald that I wad gang wi'." She has kilted her coats o' green satin. She has kilted them up tae her knee, And she's aff and away wi' MacDonald, her Laird, His bride and his darling tae be. He has led her high up on a mountain And bade her look over the sea "These isles ye behold are MacDonald's, my own And his bride and his darling are ye." (Contributed by John Sanders - July 2002)


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