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LET A MAN COME IN AND DO THE POPCORN (PART I) James Brown Hey you all look out let a man come in I got to have fun I'm gonna do my thing Way over yonder can you dig that mess The sister standing out there dressed up In a brand new mini dress Look hey over there do you see that boy playing that horn And dig that soul brother look at him doing the popcorn Hey everybody I got a brand new start Hey, hey everybody I got a brand new start I ain't gonna hurt nobody I just, I just I just wanna help my heart Gonna have a ball sure as you're born Gonna have a ball sure as you're born I'm gonna dance, dance, dance do the popcorn Hey look a there hey look a there Do you see what I see Everybody doing the popcorn but me Get back over there with your mini dress Look out good mama I gotta do my best Hey over there hey over there look a here A look a here I got the best band in the land I just gotta jump back take my stand I want to ask the fellows don't have no doubt I just got to lay to lay it right out


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