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LET'S CHOO CHOO CHOO TO IDAHO from 1950 film "Duchess Of Idaho) (Al Rinker / Floyd Huddleston) Connie Haines, Van Johnson & The Jubilaires (film soundtrack) Let's choo choo choo choo choo choo choo to Idaho, Come on let's go, Let's choo choo choo to Idaho. So Mr Engineer, let's hear that whistle blow, To let 'em know We're on our way to Idaho. Hey there fella, Soon we'll be in Pocatella, Then Sun Valley, 'Ccordin' to my Rand McNally. Tell the folks back home and shy, Tell them "toodle-oo goodbye!", And let's choo choo choo choo choo choo choo to Idaho, Come on, let's go, Let's choo choo choo to Idaho! What a trip, its terrific On the Union Pacific, What a change From that covered wagon day. If those old fortyniners Had these up to date streamliners, They'd commute clear from Butte to Ioway! Hey there porter, When we pass Nebraska's border, Lay my suits out, Get the spurs and western boots out! If I'm goin' west today, Might as well go all the way, And choo choo choo to Idaho! Pardon me folks but if you ain't observed, I'd like to announce that our dinner's served, And glancin' at the menu, I'm prone to say That the chef is a-cookin' up a mess today! Now the four course dinner is a work of art And I most highly recommend the a la carte! The dining car is open and it's straight ahead, The first one there is the first one fed! It's the custom here, though it ain't the rule, If you're late then wait in the vestibule. And folks, on account of we aim to please, We've the latest and the greatest in facilities! Just got word from the engineer, The green light is shining and the track is clear. We're breakin' every record and we ain't surprised, It's a mighty locomotive and it's dieseliized! It's our policy to excel, In providin' for the comfort of the clientele. So, good people gathered here today, We gotta lotta mode that we like to say, But folks we've got to disembark, So we leave you now with this last remark. From the east to the west, from coast to coast, The Union Pacific is a foremost! Let's vacation In the playground of the nation, Get your snow boots, Yes, and get your Eskimo boots! You can have your beach resorts, I'll take good old winter sports! Let's choo choo choo choo choo to Idaho! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2019)


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