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LET'S GO GET STONED (Valerie Simpson / Nick Ashford / Jo Armstead) The Coasters - 1965 Manfred Mann - 1965 Ronnie Milsap - 1965 Ray Charles - 1966 James Brown - 1966 The 3 Sounds - 1966 The Capitols - 1966 The Everly Brothers - 1967 Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown - 1967 Lowell Fulson - 1967 The Astronauts - 1967 The Amboy Dukes - 1967 Joe Cocker - 1970 Billy Preston - 1973 Bonnie Bramlett - 1976 The Atlanta Rhythm Section - 1979 Lucky Peterson - 1998 The Blue Angels - 2003 John Scofield - 2004 Also recorded by: Kevin McKendree; Robert McCoy; Roger Chapman & The Shortlist; Little Georgie & The Shuffling Hungarians; Ashford & Simpson; Cold Chisel. As recorded by THE COASTERS: (Let's go get stoned) Yeah! (Oh-woh-woh-woh-woh-woh, let's go get stoned) Woncha sing it one more time, children (Let's go get stoned) Yeah! (Oh-woh-woh-woh-woh-woh, let's go get stoned) Now listen When your baby won't let you in You got a few pennies, buy a bottle of gin And just call your buddy on the telephone And say, "Let's go get stoned" Sing it one more time now (Let's go get stoned) It's alright now, now, now, now (Let's go get stoned) Now wait a minute When you work so hard all the day long, now And everything you do seems to go wrong Just drop by my place on your way home And say, "Let's go get stoned" Now listen It ain't no harm in just takin' a little taste But don't you blow your cool And start messin' up the place now And it ain't no harm in just takin' a little nip (But don't you fall down and bust your lip) Together now (Let's go get stoned) I believe it's all right (Let's go get stoned) Now listen to me If you feel like you wanna fly Just get a little high And if you can't get your flat feet on the ground Just buy another round I swear we're gonna get stoned, woo-oooh We're gonna get ossified We're gonna get..........FADE) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2011)


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