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LET'S GO TO CHURCH (Steve Allen) As sung my Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely 1947 < Margaret Whiting The Original Recordings > Also sung by: Perry Como Slim Whitman Jimmy Wakely Let's go to church next Sunday morning Let's kneel an' pray side by side. Our love will grow on Sunday morning If we have the Lord as our guide. Through the week You love an' laugh an' labor. But on Sunday Don't forget to love thy neighbor. Let's make a date for Sunday morning. We'll go to church, you and I. (bridge) Let's go to church next Sunday morning. We'll see our friends on the way. We'll stand and sing on Sunday morning, And I'll hold your hand as we pray. Through the years We'll always be together. You'll be mine And we won't fear the stormy weather. Let's go to church next Sunday morning. Let's go through life side by side. NOTES: Margaret Whiting was 1940s/50s/60s pop, jazz, C & W singer and TV personality born in Detroit USA. She had a host of recordings and continued to entertain and produce albums until the early 1990s. Her television career continued on until just before her passing in 2011. Jimmy Wakely, Whiting's duet partner in this music/lyric, was an American C & W singer and actor and purportedly was one of the last singing cowboys. The composer Steve Allen, a talented American, wrote music and lyrics. He also was a TV personality as well as a comedian. Among his many accomplishments were his music and lyrics for the Broadway musical < Sophie >. The 'Sophie' referenced here is Sophie Tucker. < Let's Go To Church > was also released as as the 'B' side of a single 45 rpm in 1962. The 'A' side was < Slippin' Around > . (see elsewhere in this ILP database)


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