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LET'S HAVE A RIDE ON YOUR BICYCLE (Max Miller) Max Miller - 1953 When I was a lad, I was bicycle mad I'd ride in-between motor cars And make no mistake, I could put on the brake Without touching my handlebars Now, I finished with bikin', went hikin' instead To a girl on a bike in the country I said Let's have a ride on your bicycle Let's have a ride on your bike She put her bicycle under a tree I think that girl took a fancy to me She said to me, as we both sat down "Tell me, what would you like" I said, "My dear, if there's nobody near Let's have a ride on your bike" (Let's have a ride on your bicycle) (Let's have a ride on your bike) After the ride I began to perspire It wasn't the ride, I'd been pumping her tyre I said to her as she rode away "Come back whenever you like Don't tell your husband when you get home I had a ride on your bike" Now old farmer Green, he's a good old has-been Of children, he must have a score Of wives he's had three, "Now we're parted", said he But he still keeps the wolf from the door "You've got all those kids", I said, "I can't get one" Then he whispered to me when I ,"How's it done?" He told me he'd got a bicycle He gets around on his bike He gets up at six when he hears the alarm And sfter he's milked all the cows on the farm He goes for a ride on his bicycle To know where he goes I would like Today he rode by, I shouted, "Hi! Hi!" "Let's have a ride on your bike" (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2018)


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