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LET'S MAKE LOVE fr 1960 film "Let's Make Love" Jimmy Van Heusen (m) Sammy Cahn (l) 1960 Marilyn Monroe & Frankie Vaughan (film soundtrack) [fv] Oh, the gentle art of conversation Is deader than the Dead Sea Scrolls; We've become the mutest kind of nation, We're uncommunicating souls! No-one talks, no one talks, It's something we never do. No-one talks, no one talks, [mm] No-one talks but you! [both] Let's make love! [fv] Here we sit and we chatter, What are we thinking of? Let's not make with the patter, Baby, let's make love! [mm] If you roar like a lion, [fv] (growl!) [mm] I could coo like a dove; If you are sold, begin buyin', Baby, let's make love! [fv] Gosh it's hot! [mm] No, don't turn tv on, Instead, just turn me on! I light up like neon! Just a tiny section Of your affection In my direction will do, ooh! [fv] You'll just love my embraces, 'Cause they'll fit like a glove! We'll be off to the races, Maybe, [mm] kiss me baby, [both] Let's make love! [mm] Don't just lay there! Honey, do something! [mm] Don't just contemplate me, Prove that you don't hate me, Come on, osculate me! [fv] Maybe moonlight trips with me, Come to grips with me, Lips to lips with me, do! [mm] Ooh-ooh-ooh! [fv] You'll just love my embraces, [mm] 'Cause they'll fit like a glove! [fv] We could get down to cases, Maybe, [mm] Kiss me baby Let's make love! [fv] My oh my but it's warm here! [mm] Let's make love! [fv] I sure wore a tight collar! [mm] Let's make love! [fv] Do you know a good doctor? [both] Let's - make love! (Contributed by Peter Akers - December 2009)


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