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LET'S PRETEND THERE'S A MOON Russ Columbo / Grace Hamilton / Jack Stern 1934 as rec by Thomas "Fats" Waller & his Rhythm Sep 28th 1934 New York also rec by Russ Columbo '34 Here you are, here am I, No moon in view, no star on high, But it's a lovely night to spoon, Let's pretend that there's a moon! Nights like this were made for love, Regardless of the moon above; The time and place are opportune, Let's pretend that there's a moon! Poets like to tell about the spell of moonlight bliss, And they weave it into every rhyme; We don't need no moon above to tell us when to kiss, Why should we be wastin' time? Here are we, here is love, Who cares if there don't moon above? Let's make believe that this is the month of June, Oh baby, let's pretend that there's a moon! Yes! Ah-ha! Hah! Who is you growlin' at woman? Oh you know, now now now baby, yes I know! Scrap the dark, but you've gotta pretend there's a moon! Yes yes yes! Yes yes! (Contributed by Peter Akers - August 2009)


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