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LET'S THINK ABOUT LIVING (Boudleaux Bryant) Bob Luman - 1960 In every other song that I've heard lately Some fellow gets shot And his baby and his best friend both die with him As likely as not In half of the other songs Some Cat's crying, or ready to die We've lost most all of our happy people And I'm wondering why CHORUS: Let's think about living Let's think about loving Let's think about the whoopin' and hoppin And the boppin' and the lovie, lovie dovin' Let's forget about the whinin' and the cryin' And the shootin' and the dying And the fellow with the switchblade knife Let's think about living Let's think about life We lost old Marty Robbins Down in old El Paso a little while back And now Miss Patti Page, or one of them, Is a-wearing black Cathy's Clown has Don and Phil Where they feel like a-they could die If we keep on a-losin' our singers like that I'll be the only one you can buy REPEAT CHORUS


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