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LET'S WADDLE The Earls Backing vocals go: "Hey, let's waddle" throughout. Oh, baby, move it Oh, baby, groove it Mmmmmm, don't lose it Come on! They say you dance the best Uh, from the East to the West Well, I'm-a put you to the test Yeah! Waddle... Oh, baby, come on (yeah) You're lookin' good now I say you look so fine Come on! (Instrumental) Oh, baby,baby, keep-a movin' (mmmmm) Oh, keep-a groovin' Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're lookin' good Oh, baby (ye-ye-ye-yeah) I said-a move it, move it, move it (Hey, let's waddle, REPEAT & FADE) (Transcribed by Graham Gibson - 2002)


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