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LET’S WALK THAT-A-WAY (Twomey/W/W) Doris Day & Johnny Ray - 1953 (Chorus) (DD & JR together) Let’s walk a-that-a-way not a-this-a-way That-a-way we can be alone Take they’re throwing our chance to kiss away This-a-way only leads to home (JR) Notice that we’re coming to the crossroads Should we turn to left or right? (DD) Mother is a-rockin’ and a-waitin’ But it’s such a lovely night (Chorus) (JR) Well, don’t you think the valley road is shorter? We could save about a mile (DD) And now and then the short road can be longer If you linger for a while (Chorus) (JR) Can’t you see the night is just beginning And the moonlight weaves a spell (DD) We can take the road among the daisies You know daisies never tell (Chorus) (JR) I got an awful lot of tender words to whisper Little ol’ words like “I love you” (DD) Everything you say is so convincing Yes, that’s what we ought to do (Chorus) (Both) Leads to home That-a-way only leads to home


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