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'LEVEN-THIRTY SATURDAY NIGHT (Earl Burtnett / Bell Grantham / Jess Kirkpatrick) Earl Burtnett & His Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Orch. (vocal: Whispering Jack Smith) - 1930 Fess Williams & His Royal Flush Orch. - 1930 Arthur Schutt & His Orch. - 1930 Radio Rhythm Boys - 1930 Eddie Walters - 1930 Radio Melody Boys - 1930 Lud Gluskin & His Orch. - 1930 Ambrose & His Orch. (vocal: Sam Brown) - 1930 Arcadians Dance Orch. - 1930 Also recorded by: Mora's Modern Rhythmists; Royal Society Jazz Orch. All events of consequence in history Are mysteries as to the time they happened My event was Heaven sent and you can bet I can't forget the time For it was at the dance, I was in a trance 'Leven-thirty Saturday night And in my arms I held a world of charms 'Leven-thirty Saturday night At eight my fate had just begun It grew quite late before love had won Ooh, can't you see, she accepted me 'Leven-thirty Saturday night Ooh, baby, 'leven-thirty Saturday night (Instrumental Break) Now, when I met my pet, my little sugar pet 'Leven-thirty Saturday night I felt so weak, I could hardly speak But finally I got over my fright And through my fear, she looked so dear I had a whisper right in her ear Can't you guess, golly gee, she accepted me 'Leven-thirty Saturday night Ooh baby, 'leven-thirty Saturday night (Instrumental Break) Now, I met a maid through an escapade 'Leven-thirty Saturday night And pretty soon we were in her room 'Leven-thirty Saturday night Well, we sat and talked, then suddenly Yes, her husband, he came unexpectedly Well, I got there looking debonair When he got through I looked like a sight Exactly 'leven-thirty Saturday night (Transcribed from the Eddie Walters recording by Mel Priddle - July 2009)


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