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LIGHTS OF OLD SANTA FE Title song from the film "Lights Of Old Santa Fe" (1944) (Jack Elliott) Roy Rogers & Dale Evens (Film Soundtrack) - 1944 ROY: Just as the shadows fall When night seems to cover all >From the hills you see 'em shinin' BOTH: See the lights of old Santa Fe DALE: Evenin' breeze blows the leaves around While the brook lends a gentle sound ROY: And this cowboy's heart is pinin' BOTH: For the lights of old Santa Fe ROY: For maybe when the roundup's over DALE: That's when you'll be fancy free ROY: And there's a chance I'll be in clover If a certain Miss is waitin' there for me (DALE: Well, we'll see) ROY: There I'll stay DALE: Never more to roam? ROY: Just a shack BOTH: But we'll call it home And we'll find our silver linin' In the lights of old Santa Fe (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2013)


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