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LINDA (Jimmy Kennedy, Michael Carr) As recorded by: Harry Leader & His Band Vocal Trio Including Chick Henderson Recorded 10th September 1936 In story books, when people fall in love They go all goofy goo 'neath the moon above That's not the way my romance came to me There wasn't any moon That Sunday afternoon When I saw Linda She was looking out the window I said, "It's lovely weather Why can't we get together Come out, Linda" I know for certain Mother sat behind the curtain She said, "If you're ambitious Start now and wash the dishes Come in Linda" Later on we slipped away And what a fuss when they missed her But we came back, was all OK Mother saw the ring and cried and kissed her Now at her winder There's another guy with Linda But he's a bonny laddie And when he calls me Daddy I kiss Linda (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley -September 2013)


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