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LIQUIDATOR, THE from "The Liquidator" 1965 film Lalo Schifrin / Callender recorded by Shirley Bassey with Orchestra conducted by Arthur Greenslade Dec 19th 1965 The liquidator Will soon be coming around; You won't feel safer Until you get out of town! He's an eraser, He'll rub you out like a light! And for a chaser, He'll kiss your woman goodnight! He's a Jekyll and a Romeo, you know, The Devil in disguise; There's no telling where a girl would go, you know, To gaze into his eyes. With the snapping of the fingertips of him, He'll take your life away! And a whisper from a smilin' lips of him Will take your wife away! The liquidator Will soon be gettin' to you; You'll wake up later, Somewhere up in the blue! The undertaker Would never try to deny That the liquidator Is a hell of a guy! The liquidator! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2012)


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