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THE LITTLE GOLDEN LOCKET (Jimmy Kennedy) As recorded by: Casini Club Orchestra, Dir. Charlie Kunz V. George Barclay Recorded June 1935 Also recorded by: Lew Stone & His Band Jack Jackson & His Orchestra Randy Blake & The Ranch House Boys There’s a little golden locket And I keep it in my pocket A souvenir that money couldn’t buy For the one I love once wore it And that’s why I adore it Though she left and never said goodbye She was sweet and only twenty And I guess I love her plenty She loved me too, was very plain to see We were wed one morn at seven The honeymoon was heaven Such a happy pair we seemed to be True love, true love, What did you go and do True love, true love, I had such faith in you Oh we settled in the city And they told her she was pretty The bright lights turned her head She went away But her little golden locket Still nestles in my pocket There I’ll keep it till my dying day. (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley - August 2013)


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