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LITTLE KAWAI Walter Becker Here's a note from one Miss Turnbull Certain homework was not done Tiny holes in brand new windows From an unknown BB gun Cinder Annie and your Big Mommie Say the facts all point to you But they don't love you Little Kawai Not the way that I do Not the way that I do That new squirt gun Eric got you Don't you aim it over here That's a mean song Eldon taught you I no longer wish to hear And where he says babies come from This is not completely true That's a tall one Little Kawai And those bad boys They don't love you Not the way that I do In the morning in spite of everything We'll go driving in our car Straight to IHOP where it's well-known The world's junkest pancakes are Maple syrup on those french fries They say it's no good for you But you're still growing Little Kawai What do they know Do they love you Not the way that I do Not the way that I do


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